Oh, Beddes fam… you have my whole heart.

From the beginning of Meg’s pregnancy, I’ve followed their journey. It took a lot for these two baby angels to get here and to be here! I was so honored when Meg asked me to document their time in the NICU and even more honored when she asked me to capture some of their first official family pictures! And when she told me she wanted to do them at the A-Frames Haus, I was even more excited! It’s seriously the most perfect house I’ve ever been to and I cry every time someone asks me to shoot there. One of my favorite things about it is the constantly changing light and how it can go from being dark and moody to warm and glowy in the matter of seconds.

Also, can we stop and appreciate all the outfits?! How can one family have so much style!? I’ll never understand… I mean come on, the FLUFFY BEAR ONESIES! My heart hurts because they’re so cute.

Well, I’ll stop talking and let you just admire how wonderful and beautiful this family is <3 okay bye.




Jordan and Chantel… HOW?

I’ve been dying to shoot these two for a long time. Chantel is a fellow photographer and honestly one of my favorites. It was such an honor to have her in front of my camera with her hubs! We drove out to Antelope Island and ran around until the sun went down… literally! I wanted to push myself with different light and try some new things and I’m obsessed with how these all turned out!

I can promise you that this will not be my last session with these two, they’re so easy and chill to be around and I can’t wait for more. I hope you love these pictures as much as I do.





Oh California, oh ocean… my heart belongs on a beach guys.

Whenever I travel, I like to have an extra day or two in case I want to squeeze some shoots in! This is how it was when I traveled down to Temecula, CA and met these two hotties! I was so excited when Stephanie asked me to do her engagements for her upcoming wedding! Her and Mario are seriously two of the sweetest and most beautiful humans I’ve ever met. Which made me even more excited when they asked me to shoot their wedding this October!

This shoot was definitely one of my favorites. There’s something that makes a shoot so much more special when a couple trusts you completely. These two had no problem letting their guard down and just having fun and being themselves during their shoot. It was such an honor to witness their interaction and love!

I hope you love these images as much as I do! Enjoy!





One of my favorite things is when I get to work with clients multiple times. This shoot made me realize that EVERYONE should do an intimate snuggle lifestyle session before they get married.

I met Bryer and Kelsey back in October when we shot their engagement photos and I instantly fell in love with their connection. They are both very strong individuals, but when you put them together it makes total sense. They were both so nervous when we started, but once they got into the groove, they were an absolute dream to shoot. Their love is easy like Sunday morning and their quiet, intimate quirks are a real treasure to witness.

When I got an email from Kelsey asking about an in home session right before their wedding, I was ecstatic. There is something so real and vulnerable when someone allows you into their home to document their lives. Fair warning, if you invite me into your home to take photos, I will make you take shots of Whiskey, play tag, roll around on your bed, and sit in your hallway telling jokes and taking in those quiet in between moments. I always feel so lucky after leaving these sessions because people allow me to see into their spaces and places where they feel safe and their guard is down. That’s what I loved about this session. I got to see a new side of these two and it was lovely.

I hope you love these photos as much as I do! Enjoy!






Ngoc and Ron. The Swanns. Where to even begin with them? I’m 100% obsessed with their style, their love, and their bulldog BizKit.

When I first met this dynamic duo, it was on FaceTime and I remember being so nervous to talk to them. I usually am never nervous going into a consultation, but since Ngoc’s first email to me, I knew I needed to document this wedding. The love between these two is something out of a romantic novel and something that people would be lucky to witness. I was so honored when they asked to be their photographer and from there started our long distance friendship.

I couldn’t wait to get to Seattle! It was my first time in the city and to say I fell in love is an understatement. I loved it even more because I was there to do something I love and I am just so grateful to have these opportunities. When Saturday finally came, I finally got to meet Ngoc and Ron and I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed by them and their family and friends. I knew it was going to be an amazing day and it ended up blowing all my expectations out of the water.

From all the details, to the sweet moments between the bridal party, and the sweetest first look I’ve ever seen, this wedding was perfection and I wish I could just photograph their whole lives. I couldn’t be happier for these two and I can’t wait for our next adventure!

Grab a tissue and get ready for this LONG blog post! I promise, it’s worth it! Enjoy!