Cary and Alexia | The Neighborhood | Salt Lake City, Utah {In Frames Photography | Utah Wedding Photographer}

My babes. My muses. My best friends. Man, I sure do love these two.

My favorite shoots are always the ones we plan last minute and in the most random places. I remember I was getting off a plane and I was texting our group message when we decided to shoot. I need a creative outlet and it was also an excuse to spend time with my favorite people.

Lexi had sent me some inspiration that I instantly was obsessed with and we spent the afternoon driving through charming Salt Lake neighborhoods to find the perfect, quaint little street. Once we found it, we rolled around in leaves and danced through the streets on a chilly fall day.

When we started this shoot, I knew I wanted most of them to be black and white. It just fit the mood so well and I love how these turned out. These photos are classy and timeless, just like The Deckers!