Meg + Drew | At Home {In Frames Photography | Utah Lifestyle Photographer}

Oh man you guys, this dead season is killing me.

Every year there is a chunk of time where business is slower than usual, everything is dead outside, it’s freezing and the sun is a rare thing to see. Usually during this time, my creativity slowly starts to escape my soul. It just leaves and I always feel a little… shitty.

This year, I decided to take that as a challenge. I wanted to push myself harder and refocus my energy into the things I love. In order to do this, I decided to take a step back and really think about the way I shoot. I want to focus more on emotional imagery and who people are, take myself out of the equation for the most part and see them for who they are and run with it from there. So, I setup a few shoots with people I love and admire and dove head first into a new way of shooting. I’ll tell you, after this beautiful shoot, I’m never going back.

Fast forward to me walking into Meg and Drew’s house. Immediately the character of their house made me feel welcomed and like I had stepped completely into their world. Meg was finishing up getting ready and Drew and I sat in their living talking about all their amazing and eclectic decor. Their cat, Kitty, also made an appearance and was the sweetest cat I’ve met in a very long time.

Before shooting, we all sat and caught up! We talked about life and what was new, it was so nice to just be friends and reconnect before diving into their shoot. When we started shooting, it was pure magic. The love and connection these two have is a beautiful thing to witness.

The shoot went better than I could’ve ever imagined. We explored many rooms of their house and played in different lights. We did things that were fun and we did things that were real. Towards the end, I found myself not wanting to leave. These two are such genuine people that you never want to stop hanging out with them.

I’m beyond thrilled with these images and couldn’t wait to share them with you all! I can’t wait to explore this side of my creativity with more of you and keep creating work that hits you right in the feel goods.