Kait | Landlocked Mermaid {In Frames Photography | Utah Fashion Photographer}

This shoot was one of those shoots where you edit from the heart. You edit the way you’re feeling. With that being said, this shoot turned out super moody and different from my usual work. I kind of love it 🙂

For those of you who didn’t know, I recently was in Hawaii and I had to come back early due to a knee injury I experienced while hiking. It was quite the week!

I tried to stay positive but honestly, I have never been so frustrated. It’s really hard when you can’t walk, drive, or do anything with your leg. I’ve been feeling really isolated and the adjustments I’ve had to make have been difficult to get used to. I haven’t been able to shoot or have a consistent schedule and it’s killing me!

My clients have been so wonderful and understanding. I am forever grateful for everyone who has been supportive and helpful thus far!

I will just continue to stay in and work hard on all these shoots I have! I will take the frustration and turn it into creativeness and keep my head up! This is only temporary and I’m coming back full force… just wait!

I hope you guys enjoy this shoot as much as I do!


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Model: Kait Sanford

Makeup: Vivian Makeup Artist

Workshop hosted by: Jessica Janae Photography