“Where Beauty Meets Business. Having done multiple shoots with Morgan, I can say that her consistency and craft are second to none. Having worked with dozens of photographers, I’ve noticed strengths from each one… and what sticks out to me is her way of connecting with clients and returning edited photos to clients faster than ANY other photographer. I don’t know about you, but standing in front of a camera is daunting… most of the time it’s outright awkward… “Am I standing right? Does this look okay? Is this just painful for the photographer?” and on and on the thought process goes… and no matter how ‘good’ I feel, it still feels that way… THE ONLY THING to remedy this is how well the photographer communicates with me… If the photographer is comfortable, cracking jokes, complimenting, communicating effectively and finding ways to keep my mind off things… I relax…. I get comfortable… I get ‘natural’.. and THAT’S the spot both photographers AND the clients want to be in… because that’s where magic happens… MORGAN HAS DONE THIS EVERY TIME. She knows how to make her clients feel themselves, totally relaxed in front of the lens and able to capture truly breathtaking photos. I don’t know how she does it… but she just does it… she connects with her clients and it’s one of the biggest reasons I’ll always want to work with her. In addition, because of her communicative skills and connecting with us, we’ve been able to do the coolest photoshoots, in the most unique places, shot from incredible angles, in all sorts of poses. There have been 3 DIFFERENT scenarios where Morgan has sent ‘sneak-peaks’…. the SAME DAY… BEFORE I even get home… How she finds time to do that is BEYOND ME…. This is SO important to me as we’ve worked with photographers in the past where we waited months to receive ‘samples’. It’s so nice to do a photoshoot, get them back and share them the very next day. Since our first photoshoot together, I’ve said this… “She’s going places” and having since then traveled across the world to have her take photos of me and my wife, I can say that it’s been worth every penny. We have memories that will last a lifetime and she’s been able to capture them EXACTLY how we wanted them, all while feeling incredibly comfortable in the photoshoot, and getting us the photos in record time. Trust me, you won’t regret working with her.” – Cary Decker

“Morgan took our family photos for us and we could NOT be happier! She was so much fun to work with, and especially patient and wonderful with our son. Despite the chaos of dealing with a toddler and a dog, she still captured our family perfectly AND artistically. These photos are priceless to us. We will definitely be booking In Frames again!”– Alexis Harper

“I have had the pleasure to work with Morgan on many occasions over the past year. I have always been more than amazed by the work she produces. She is always on time, prompt, kind, charismatic, and has a special way of creating an environment that is both fun and professional. I have worked with many photographers over the past year and Morgan is by far my favorite. Her work surpasses that of any other photographer I have encountered, as well as her work ethic. She is the first photographer I recommend to my clients and I would without a doubt recommend her to anyone else seeking a photographer for ANY occasion. “- Ashley Nelson, Owner of Brush Fire Floral

“There are not words to describe just how amazing In Frames Photography really is. Working with Morgan is truly a dream. She has the ability to capture moments that you will treasure forever, no matter what you are shooting with her for. She has a spirit that can brighten anyone’s day, which shows in her work. I’ve never felt more comfortable working with someone and she made me laugh so much. She takes the time to really connect with her subjects in a way that is so natural, it is like you are working with a friend you have known for many years. I highly recommend that you book with In Frames Photography for any and every event in your life. It is a decision you will not regret.” – Elexis Bronson


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